Dr.Isha Bharat Ved is a young, passionate physician. She has graduated from Smt. Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Homoeopathic Medical College, Vile Parle, Mumbai. Dr. Isha has been constantly upgrading herself with new advances in the Homoeopathic field.

She is known for her various case taking techniques and chooses the one most suited to an individual case. Her friendly and understanding nature makes patients of all age group comfortable.

She wishes to serve and help more and more people in need. She has a special interest in parenting.

The art and science of Healing!

With the progressing times, the popularity of Homoeopathy has been on the rise. More and more people have turned towards this wonderful science, making it the 2nd most widely practised alternative system of medicine. Thanks to its effective gentleness.

Homoeopathy is included in national health system of many countries, including India. The word Homoeopathy is derived from the Greek words –Homios meaning similar and pathos meaning suffering and is based on the principal of Similia Similibus Curentaur[like cures likes].

Homoeopathyis that science which tackles the issues of an individual as a whole. It is an art which understands each patient as an individual and a science that helps an individual to overcome his disease.
Homoeopathy is slow in it’s action.

The fact is that Homoeopathy has prompt effectiveness in acute conditions. Long standing, chronic cases require an adequate understanding and time.
Homoeopathy is not suited for Pregnant ladies and children.

Homoeopathy is safe for all age groups.
There are too many dietary restrictions when taking Homoeopathic medicines.

Dietary restrictions mostly pertain to the disease conditions prevalent in the patient and has no significant corelation with intake of medications.
Homoeopathy doesn’t take into consideration the diagnosis or the pathology.

We give importance to symptoms as they are pointers to our selection of the suitable remedy but that includes considering the kind of pathology. Also it helps in apt assessment of prognos is in the case.
Homoeopathic medications can completely avoid surgical intervention.

To avoid surgery, patients usually resort to Homoeopathy. This is a wrong notion. In certain cases, surgery is unavoidable and at times more convenient option. It depends on the case and also on the treating Homoeopath as to whether the patient will be requiring a surgery.
Homoeopathic medications are not effective if taken along with allopathic medications.

In today’s scenario, patients are usually on some or the other allopathic medications, particularly the geriatric age group. Since these are long term medications, they cannot be suddenly or abruptly discontinued. Homoeopathic medications can be taken along with allopathic medications. As per the patient’s prognostic status, the doses are altered.
Homoeopathic medicines contain steroids.

Homoeopathic medicines are gentle and are made from plant, animal and mineral sources. These do not contain steroids. This common misconception is misleading. The rapid effective action of Homoeopathic medicines has been really under-rated and it is assumed that it is the steroid in the medicine which causes such a prompt relief. It is interesting to note that the patient after taking the correct homoeopathic remedy not only observes a change in his physical complaints but also experiences general sense of well-being. Also, long term use of homoeopathic medicines does not cause any side effects unlike the use of steroids.
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